15 November, 2015

lazy jojo decided to write

just a quick update on what's happening now. i gotta start writing again dammit! the problem is i just dont have the time anymore, with loads of work and me being sooooo tired when i get back home. 

*lemme cry a lil while* T_________T


the reason i write is simple, 1) becoz i want to know what i've been doing in the past when i read all these in the future 2) becoz someone will read (or as i hope that someone will) about me. i dont want that someone to be reading all about movie screenings only lololololol. okay someone, if you're reading, im sorry for not updating. =/

July 27
alright. first of all, im no more an Android user *clap clap* i suddenly have this strong urge to get the then-new iPhone 6. for no reason at all. just like a pregnant lady wanted asam laksa in the middle of the night. but i had the craving for this 'asam laksa' for over a month coz i was actually waiting my maxis line to port out to digi in order to sign up digi iphone plan, but then after the port out procedure was done, digi told me they ran out of stock nationwide for iphone6plus! and that time i already wanted iphone6plus instead of iphone6, all thanks to adam coz he brainwashed me -.- anyway, i got it from Machines for RM3.5k. ^^
August 2
brought Mocha to the beach for a morning 'run'. she's basically just strolling instead of running, coz she loves the breeze. but also very cautious because she knew if she gets near the water, adam will dip her into the water lolololol! 
and took one very 'chio' photo of a mushroom lololololol!!
August 13
it was daddy's birthday! again i cant go back to celebrate it, luckily everyone at home happily celebrated it for him, including Mocha :D
may you stay healthy and loving forever daddy
August 17
ohmaigod suddenly Adam was being super romantic! i was interviewing some of the candidates in my company and when i came out from the room towards my desk, i saw this beautiful bouquet of flowers!! too sweet ady la you how bhahahaha! flowers from Happy Bunch are really nice, and i saw some of my friends posted their flowers on Facebook too.
(i actually freaked out a lil' and i searched for a ring in the bouquet nervously LOL!! dont do this to me okay >__<)
August 28
we went back home coz i was having my fortnight-ly homesick wtff. took this sweet photo of Mocha and her dadii communicating <3
decided to take nice photo of Mocha coz she was behaving so nicely lolololol! took almost a hundred photos and decided this was the prettiest one >.<
August 30
on the same day, we visited Kemaman zoo, God knows why the randomness lololol! i can be truly crazy when im with my sisters, and here's the proof xD
<the 4 beautiful stooges> 
August 31
Merdeka dayyyy!! there was an event at Sungai Lembing and we brought Mocha together! she was so nervous coz alot of people there and she was afraid of the firework. we figured better if she was with us than she frightened alone at home lol..
September 3
yeay!! finally get to meet my bitches after sooooo long!! we had dinner at Morganfield's Sunway Pyramid. good to see you girls (and guy) again <3
September 6
my baby, Ain's wedding at Kuala Selangor! cant really miss it when the bride literally said "you antara orang yang wajib datang" to you bhahaha! im so happy for you baby.. be happy and be you, coz that's what makes you special <3 i love you baby! 
September 7
i guess everyone in the family wants to change their phones ^.^" we went to Sunway Pyramid to buy the all new Galaxy Note 5 for mama and Elaine.. no im still with my iPhone heh!
September 12
honestly, since we bought a new house, even the estimated time the house will be done is on mid 2018, Adam and I already started to look around at furniture like sofa, bed and other home appliances like TV, fridge, oven and speakers. i know it's too soon to look at all these, but im so happy that Adam is actually planning something for our future home, and im more happy when he mentioned about starting to save money for renovations and buying all these stuff =)
so we looked at some designs that we like and i figured i can post it here so that maybe next one or two years we can look back at my blog and see what we liked =P
im so in love with these "Push to Open" thingy! but the price....omg...
and we were looking at a smaller sofa rather than the normal 3+2+1. coz our house will not be very big, and i dont want the furniture to fill up every single space of the house. so this size is ngam ngam, just like how i want it to be =)
September 19
it's my baby sister's birthday!! happy happy birthday celine!! coz she loves chocolate lava cake sooooo much, i decided to learn it from the internet and baked it at home for her. was so happy with the results i literally cried T_____T

lavaaaaaa!! O_O
September 20
since both mama and Celine's birthday are close together, we celebrated together before i left hometown. happy blessed birthday both my darlings! *muacks!!*
September 22
of course they have another celebration for mama at home on her actual birthday. i love our family photos when Mocha is included. she's family too! <3 and when im not there, daddy is the one who's gonna carry her now hehee!
September 24
healthy day!! i was lately so into badminton and i kept asking my colleagues to join me lolololol! this time Hanna just came back from the UK and we wanted to surprise her by celebrating her birthday after badminton hehe! happy birthday sayang!!
September 26
i guess i was feeling super homesick that i went back home two consecutive weekends ^_^"  no la.. this week was because my cousin sister's wedding. anyway, i tried to make badminton our siblings thing and i think i kinda succeed coz they kept asking me when i wanna go back for badminton with them lololol..  
i snapped this photo when i entered adam's room while Mocha was sleeping next to him. almost every morning on the weekend, i'll let Mocha in to sleep with him while we prepared breakfast in the kitchen or out to the morning wet market. i went into the room and i saw this!! i quickly took my phone to snap this beautiful moment. =')
and this was when we trying to snap our little family's photo but obviously Mocha not cooperating as usual =.=
September 27
it was my cousin sister's wedding!! we drove to Mentakab in the afternoon. we spend the whole morning choosing which dress to wear, how should we do our hair and what kind of make up we wanna put on our faces. good thing  my younger siblings are all girls, at least i dont need to go through the preparations all by myself. and my sister is good at braiding my hair. so she did her magic and i looked pretty heh! =P
with Elaine hohoho!
Do Re Mi Fa lolololol!  
compulsory photo of us trio <3
congratulations dear cousin sis!! may you have a wonderful and happy married life!! <3

okay i'll update somemore soooooon!! 

till my next post. cheers! 
P.S. I Love You

27 September, 2015

[Nuffnang Premiere Screening] Hotel Transylvania 2

heyyo peepos!

i just realised all my recent posts are about movies lololololol! sorry, i was really really buzy T___T and to be honest there's not alot of things going on coz i was always buzy at work =(

alright another Nuffnang Premiere Screening! this week i got to watch Hotel Transylvania 2!! i always dont get to spell "Transylvania" correctly sigh. 
this movie is a sequel to Hotel Transylvania, Mavis (Selena Gomez) marries Johnny (Andy Samberg) and the couple have a half vampire half human son named Dennis (Asher Blinkoff). Dracula/Drac (Adam Sandler) was afraid that his grandson will not be vampire like him. soon it's gonna be his 5th birthday and he made that as a deadline for him to show his fangs or else he'll stay human forever.  
Mavis was thinking about moving to California to stay with her in-laws so that they can provide a safer environment for Dennie. Drac willingly told Mavis that he'll look after Dennie while she's away, and made a plan with Johnny to make her dislike California so she'll stay at the hotel. 
Drac and his fellow friends find ways to bring out the vampire in Dennis. together with Frankenstein/Frank (Kevin James), Wayne the Werewolf (Steve Buscemi), Griffin the Invisible Man (David Spade) and Murray the Mummy (Keegan-Michael Key), they helped Drac to train Dennis by showing how monster they can be, but failed miserably lolololol!! oh ya, Blobby the Blob also followed them too xD  
this is Blobby bhahahaha damn cute this fella xD
Drac then finally brought Dennis to a vampire summer camp where he went when he was little to learn everything about vampire.he even brought Dennis to a high place and threw him down to see whether he can fly anot omgggggg so gan jeong la!! damn desperate hor this grandpa lolololol!
when Mavis found out that the father wasnt at the hotel, she transformed into a bat and flew together with Johnny back to the hotel. and this is how they 'rushed' back to the hotel =.=" the bike is hardly even moving HAHAHA!! so farnehhh!
thanks again Nuffnang for the awesome movie! looking forward to next week to watch The Martian!! 

13 August, 2015

[Nuffnang Premiere Screening] Pixels

heyyo peepos!

another fun night yesterday thanks to Nuffnang! i get to watch Pixels at One Utama woohoo!
i've read the reviews on this movie, honestly i feel the critics were mean! i had lotsa fun watching it to be honest. true, some part was just stupid, but overall i really enjoyed it.

so this movie is definitely about our all-time favourite childhood arcade games! it started off with Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) who was really really good in arcade games, came second in the World Arcade championship after Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage) beat him in the Donkey Kong game. what Sam didnt know was Eddie had been cheating on the game with cheat codes. they also mentioned that this competition will be aired by NASA to send messages to the aliens. 

now, the aliens finally intercept the video that they aired in 1982, and declared war with the planet Earth. they sent warriors to Earth in the form of the arcade games' characters. like Galaga, Centipede, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.
President Will Cooper (Kevin James) (okay this is the silly part, him as President of the United States?? LOL!) recruited Sam and Wonder Kid Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad) and Eddie to train the military in arcade games and beat these aliens.
this movie also introduced the creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani (Denis Akiyama)! 
and they made 4 mini coopers as the ghosts in Pac-Man game, just the same colour with the ghosts in the game!
Sam: Pac-Man is the bad guy??
Toru: Hello..my sweet little boy! Look how big you've grown! I know you're a good boy..
Pac-Man : *NGAP!* 
then the mother ship came and unleashed thousands of warriors to destroy Earth. they went up together with Lieutenant Colonel Violet van Patten (Michelle Monaghan) as his son was taken in the mother ship. and with Q*bert too ahhhhh so cute!!
of course, he faced his one game that he didnt win, Donkey Kong. so awesome if we can play this in real life. i confirm will lose one lololololol!! 

i personally felt the reviews were too.....hmm.. i dont know i dont accept the whole of it. coz i did enjoy the movie!

thanks again nuffnang for the tickets and also the merchandise! =)

till my next post. cheers!
P.S. I Love You